FRANPOR carried out an exhaustive study of the mining sector in Angola, particularly in the diamond, gold, and semi-precious stones sector. The main bottlenecks in the mining sector were identified, namely, Financial, Management, lack of knowledge and lack of geological data, and lack of Strategies to meet the challenges of the current national and international situation.

The challenges were equated to four main activities in exploration, which allow the formation of consortiums in each concession with high potential, namely:



Aware of the challenges facing the mining sector, it has chosen the strategy of developing various partnerships with strategic partners, so as to create a broad base of support and hire the best partners in each area, in order to ensure the viability of projects and free up skills and human resources to focus on its “Target” Management and Provision of specialized services to mines with high potential.

Thus, the company has developed a “CPEP” Contract for Preferential Strategic Partnership with Fábrica Mecanauto, a manufacturer of modern and sophisticated mining equipment, namely “Washing Plants for the recovery of Diamonds or Gold” with its own brand “AFRITECH” and customized models that fit the business model it intends to offer, namely, in the “Washing of Gravel”, with high efficiency, with assistance and maintenance provided by the factory. 

The AFRITECH washing plants models have a high security and transparency component, with 4 access keys to the final stages of concentration of diamonds and/or gold, one for the concession owner, another for a service providing company in the area of earthmoving equipment, another for Franpor, which provides the component of washing plants for concentration and recovery of minerals and the last one for the official regulatory body of the mining sector in which Franpor operates, in order to ensure stable and long-lasting partnership relations, complying with the highest international compliance standards.

Thus all activity in the field is monitored and recorded by online satellite video surveillance cameras 24/24h, which also gives the partners the option of using their keys remotely, via satellite.

Earth moving

FRANPOR has also established strategic agreements with suitable companies that are duly qualified in earthmoving specialities. This component, which is highly demanding in terms of technical, management of resources and logistics and intensive investment, and essential for the success of mining operations, is sub-contracted on a service provision basis, with the counterparts agreed on a case-by-case basis.


FRANPOR has signed several agreements with national and international companies that provide services and geological studies, both via satellite, aero-geophysical, drilling and prospection in the field.


FRANPOR has excellent relations in the mining sector, so it should cooperate to enable international buyers to participate in the auctions of the production of Angola’s biggest diamond operators and producers.
It will also exercise a buying option in all the mines in which it participates.


FRANPOR intends to ensure participation in the entire value chain from exploration to lapidation.
To this end, it must, in due course, obtain the licences required to lapidate part of its production.

Licenses or titles of exploitation

Relations with local populations, Traditional and Administrative Authorities, Provincial Governments, Ministry of Mineral Resources, Oil and Gas ensured by the mine concessionaire.

Earth moving Machinery

Ensured by an experienced company with the capacity to move earth, collect gravel and deposit
capable of earthmoving, gravel collection and deposit in “Stock Pile” next to the Lavarias (laundries).

Mining/Concentration of Noble Minerals

FRANPOR, ensures the final component, namely concentration and recovery of
noble minerals, with its washing plants developed and customised for the concept of consortiums under a service provision regime.

Mine Management

Relations with local populations, Traditional and Administrative Authorities, Provincial Governments, Ministry of Mining Resources, Oil and Gas ensured by the mine concessionaire.


Renewable Energgy

Especially solar energy, with numerous solutions ranging from family homes to large industrial parks. The company is committed to improving the quality of life, providing solutions to mitigate environmental impact and contribute to a better planet.


Follow-up of national and/or international projects, with technical feasibility studies, legal and financial aspects, for various areas, namely, Mining, Oil and Gas, Housing and Agriculture.

Representation of Funds and Investments

Facilitator and also active in setting up international financing operations for public or private institutions.

Technical Training

In the activities in which it is involved, it has a strong bias towards actions of a social nature, in the improvement of the quality of employment and technical training, especially for local people in the areas where the projects are implemented.
of the projects.